Focus for Success

Coaching is a “teach a person to fish” approach with these goals: self-awareness, self-mastery, self-determination,and self-actualization.  It is centered around the client, focused on solutions, collaborative and a non-directive approach to making positive changes for the future.  Each week, we will review strategies and best practices, and the following Executive Functioning and life management skills can be tackled:

  • Setting Priorities
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Time Perception
  • Short-term Memory
  • Limiting Stress
  • Self-monitoring
  • Problem Solving
  • Focus on Successes

Current challenges are used as a springboard to teach (or reinforce) the skills needed for long-term success. 


FREE 45 minute consultation-  this helps you get to know Angie, while she gets to know you.  You both determine if Angie's coaching program is for you.

Kick Off Session- (60 minutes) Skype/Zoom, in-person or over phone.  Angie will help you to put together a vision for your intentions,then design the milestone goals and the weekly goals it will take to get there. She will also help you to identify the things that could get in the way, the people that will help you, and the strengths you can draw upon to make your dreams a reality! – $75

Weekly Sessions- (45-60 minutes) Ideally, the sessions will be held in person.  However, Skype and phone calls can be considered.  Payments will be provided at the beginning of the month, for the entire month.  A 10% discount will be provided for six months paid in advance! (Normal pricing is $75 an hour.)

Cancellation Policy-  Sessions must be cancelled 48 hours in advance.  $45 will be charged for less than a 48 hours notice.  

TUTOR- In addition to coaching, tutoring is available in most subjects and for most ages.  Please text, call or email for more information about an academic tutor in Evergreen, Colorado  720-935-1544  or

What is "Executive Function"?

Simply put, "executive function" (EF) is when we use self-regulation skills to control the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. This set of skills is controlled by the frontal lobe of the brain, just behind the forehead. Anyone with an ADHD/ADD diagnosis struggles with EF; however, many without are also challenged.  Executive functions work together to help achieve goals and to help us focus on the important issues in our lives

“As a Success and Life Coach, I focus on guiding my clients through the process of finding the right paths to their own success. Let’s work together to complete your goals while you are discovering your motivations and gathering a plethora of resources and tools to conquer your daily challenges to feel proud about your accomplishments.”  ~Angie Wulff

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